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Winter Activities

Multi Activity Day - Best of Lapland

This is the perfect experience filled day to start off your stay with when travelling as a group - here you get the chance to try out many of our activities - all in close connection to the hotel

On the Kalix River, just below the Grand Arctic Hotel this day experience takes place. Your guides are dividing the group into smaller groups to best being able to enjoy the activity that takes place in 5 different stations - all are approx 40 minutes with changing times in between.

Dogsledding - you get a test ride along the river bank where you’re seated on a large sledge.

Snowmobile riding - with 2 on each snowmobile and children in the sledge behind you

Snowshoe walking - equipped with snow shoes and ski poles both children and adults can master their skills in snow shoe walking.

Ice fishing - you get to try to drill your own hole as well as ice fishing and also to taste the rivers fresh water directly from the hole.

Lunch - at the bonfire next to the hotel we will prepare a tasty Swedish kebab made with reindeer meat and a warming soup as well as hot and cold drinks. 

Duration Approx 4 hours 10.00-14.00

Number of participants 20-80

Prices upon request

Kaatis Reindeers

At Kaatis Reindeers Anna-Lena and her 10 tame reindeers will meet you and you have the chance to pet and feed them.

Located only a 10 minutes drive from the hotel in Gyljeheden is Kaatis Reindeers.

Experience the tame reindeers that you can pet and feed together with Anna-Lena that also will tell you more about the reindeers and herding. 


Kaatis Reindeers: 

Duration   Approx 1 hour

Number of participants 2-->

Price 100 SEK / person, booking upon request. 


Photo Excursion

Our professional photographer Albert Södgård will show you the basics how to photograph the Northern Lights and you go out together looking for the magical lights.

Aurora Borealis, more commonly named the Northern Lights can be spotted from early autumn until late spring in good conditions.

Here you have the opportunity to learn how to take a good picture of it with your own or rented equipment. The activity will start with a theoretical introduction to the Northern Lights and how to handle the photo equipment. We then walk down to the river below the hotel and start taking photos, hopefully the lights will appear. Albert will also take pictures of you as a souvenir that you will receive on e-mail afterwards. 

We will have hot drinks and snacks with us at the river. Starting time of the activity might vary depending on the weather conditions and  northern lights forecast.

Duration Approx 3 hours 20.00-23.00

Number of participants 4-20

Prices upon request

Polar Explorer Icebreaker Cruise

Extraordinary experience! Imagine white frozen see which never storms. Sea waters are covered with solid ice, endless dramatic white as far as an eye can catch. Listen to the sound of crackling ice, crashed ice blocks rise from the icebreaker hull letting and dark water splashing out.

During the icebreaker cruise you will have a tour all way down to the engine rooms and all way up to Captain’s bridge, walking on the sea ice and swimming in floating survival suites. Before leaving the ship the captain will present the Cruise and Swim certificate to everyone as a memorable gift. 


- Return transfer  

- 3 h icebreaker cruise 

- hot drink on board 

- 7 decks guided tour, audio guide in 18 languages 

- Film in Icebreaker theatre 

- swimming in survival suits

Duration Approx 5 hours 8.00-13.00 or 12.00-17.00

Number of participants 4-50

Prices upon request


Snowmobile and Ice Fishing

Let us give you a true local winter experience with snowmobile riding and ice fishing - one of the locals favourite way of spending a day off in Heart of Lapland

The tour starts from Grand Arctic Hotel in Överkalix where you’re equipped with warm winter clothing.

Your guide will then perform a safety demonstration about how to drive the snowmobile in a safe way. 

Sitting 2 on each snowmobile with small children in the sledge behind you will then take off along the Kalix river. You will take turns on driving, and we will visit a view point before continuing to a lake for ice fishing. At the lake your guide will show you how to drill your own hole in the ice and then to ice fish. 

You have the chance to catch perch, pike and white fish. We will have hot drinks and sandwiches with us at the lake. 

Duration Approx 3 hours 10.00-13.00 or 13.00-16.00

Available 1st of December - 10th of April

Number of participants 4-20

Prices upon request

Arctic Moose Farm

Experience wildlife at the Arctic Moose Farm where you can pet and feed the tame moose.

Moose is the largest species in a deer family, a forest dweller where you can tell the age of the male moose depending on their antlers. On Ola Rokka’s farm these fairy animals are almost tame and both adults and children may caress and feed them.

For groups in the winter period a day activity can be offered with a moose farm visit, a rich typical local lunch served and also a reideer sledge ride for everyone, all accompanied with fantastic stories about the sami culture by Ola. 

Sami are a native folk of Northern part of Europe. At this moment there are between 17 and 20 thousand Sami living in Sweden. 

Moose Farm Visit: 

Duration   Approx 1 hour

Number of participants 4-->

Prices and booking upon request

Moose Farm, Reindeer Sledge and Lunch

Duration   Approx 4 hours 10.00-14.00

Number of participants 20-60

Prices and booking upon request


Snowshoe Walking

Snowshoes will definitely give you a new way on reaching out onto the white fluffy snow covering the landscape.

Toghether with a guide you will go on a snowshoe walk along the Kalix River. You have snowshoes and sticks to help you keeping the balance. This tour takes place in daytime or in the evening with the possibility to look for the Northern Lights. Hot drinks and stop by a bonfire in a hut that's a replica from the stone age is included. 

Duration Approx 2,5 hours 10.00-12.30, 13.00-15.30 or 20.30-23.00

Number of participants 4-10

Prices upon request

Dog Sledding Tour

The powerful alaskan huskies will take you on an unforgettable ride where you drive your own sledge through the silent nature.

First you get to meet and greet the dogs that will take your sledge forward. Our experienced guide will give you instructions how to handle the sledge and the dogs and we then take off through the nature over both lakes and through the forest. You are 2 guests per sledge and take turns on driving.  This tour can both be done daytime as well as in the evening looking for the northern lights. We will have hot drinks and cake with us that we enjoy at the photo stop in the middle of the tour. 

Duration Approx 3 hours 10.00-13.00, 13.00-16.00 or 20.00-23.00

Number of participants 4-12

Prices upon request