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Jockfall waterfall

Jockfall waterfall is 9 meter height. It impresses with it's power and atmosphere. It is located over the Arctic Circle, about 40 kilometers from Overkalix.

You can see a ladder imitation, which was specially built for salmon. It simplifies and helps salmon to overcome rapids, when fish are spawning. It is the only such place on the Kalix river. Up to 13 000 salmon passes waterfall every year. Jockfall is one of the best fishing spots in Europe and you can also book a private fishing guide through us. Prices start from 1.500 SEK for 2 hours for up to 4-5 guests. 

Stone Age Village Fornminnesbyn

Forminnesbyn is a Stone Age village. It is a reproduction of people's settlements, who lived there more than 6 000 years ago. The first of its kind major archaeological finds in Sweden.

Forminnesbyn is located in Överkalix town. The village itself consists of seven different sized semi-subterranean dwellings on the river bank. Just a fifteen minutes walk from Grand Arctic Hotel. Restorers have tried to convey all the details of every day life, which are known to archeologists and historians from excavations and research. You will perform an astonishing journey into the past and find out a lot of surprising information about scientific discoveries and finds.

Orthodox church Sirillus

Russian Orthodox church called Sirillus with beautiful gallery of icons charms visitors from all around the world. There is peace and calmness in this place. You can always feel connected to something inconceivably beautiful and sublime.

Church visitors have an opportunity to have a conversation with poet as well as church rector Father Bengt. Church itself is situated in Tallvik not far from the hotel.


From the hill Brännaberget beautiful views of the city Overkaliks and powerful untouched Kalix River and its tributary by naming Enegson (Ängesån). During the summer Brännaberget - the perfect place to observe the midnight sun.

Natural lookout Brännaberget also has its unusual history. At this point, gave concerts Swedish bands such as ABBA and Boppers.

Tractor museum

In Svartbyn village, Överkalix you may find the Museum of Traktors and Motorcycles.

There are up to 200 tractors among which are real rarities such as John Deere, Case and Oliver. You also may find fire trucks, lorries, engines, motorcycles, outboard motors, chainsaws and many more. Museum is opened from 1 June to 31 August.

Martin Manor

Is one of the best preserved mansions dated to the 18th century. There is also an exhibition of equipment and painting from Överkalix which shows us the culture of past centuries.

Farm is opened from 26 June to 9 August on Thursdays and Fridays with pre-booking required.

Linafallet waterfall

16 meter waterfall Linafallet is located 70 km north from Överkalix, in a place where the rivers Linaalv and Ängesån meet.

Magnificent rural surroundings at the bottom of the waterfall Linafallet are popular places to relax and do fishing. It is the highest waterfall of Norrbotten county. 

The Church of Överkalix

Överkalix Kyrka is protestant church situated in the centre of a town. It was opened in 1943 on the site of the burnt wooden church.

The church is 48 meters height (including the tower's top). Överkalix Kyrka has two large bells weighing 700 kilos and 400 respectively.

The author of the project was the architect Einar Lundberg. The altarpiece is made by Torsten Nordberg from Stockholm and depicts the Ascension.